Sítio Solestre’lua

Exclusive holiday home for up to six people

Luxury beach complex to rent

Just three kilometres north of Santo André is “Sítio Solestre’lua”, a 7-hectare private plot located directly on the beautiful Itacimirim beach in the middle of the mata atlântica – the lush Atlantic Forest. This wonderful sanctuary offers pure unadulterated relaxation for up to six guests at a time. Sítio has everything required for a fantastic holiday or just a few days of rest and recuperation. The name “Solestre’lua” comes from the Portuguese words for sun (sol), stars (estrelas) and moon (lua) – characteristic of the Bahian sky 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The main house contains two large air-conditioned suites, each with a bedroom, bathroom and toilet, a fully equipped kitchen and an indoor-outdoor living room with a covered patio, a cosy seating area, hammocks and “balangas” – comfortable hanging chairs fixed to the roof beams. An additional guest house in close proximity to the main house comprises a living space and bedroom for two additional guests, equipped with air conditioning, king-size beds, bathroom and kitchen areas. Optional camp beds for up to two children are also available.


A “passarela” leads via a wooden deck to an air-conditioned pavilion with comfortable sofas and armchairs, equipped with a TV and Wi-Fi.

The same wooden deck additionally leads to a generous space open on three sides. The fourth side comprises a large fireplace and charcoal barbecue, which in Brazil is regularly lit for a veritable orgy of meat, their cherished “churrasco”. Up to 14 people can enjoy leisurely meals here, seated at a beautifully crafted table.

From the churasqueira barbecue area, the wooden deck also points towards an additional roofed pavilion, open on all four sides, where a pool table awaits with cues and balls to provide the perfect ending to a perfect dinner.

Surrounded by coconut palms, tropical plants and bushes, a 5x12m swimming pool is adjacent to the main house. Underneath a thatched roof offering protection from the hot Bahian sunshine, the pool is the perfect place to spend the mornings with a good book or just gazing out through the palm trees, enjoying a fantastic view of the ocean.

Alternatively, the beach lounge, with its eucalyptus roof and generously upholstered benches, is the ideal setting for daydreaming in the fresh Atlantic breeze, accompanied only by the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea air.

At sunset guests can play “boules”, the famous outdoor game from France, on a court made especially to the traditional measurements. The court is located between the swimming pool and the sea, has a eucalyptus roof for shade, and has the typical gravel, sand and earth playing surface which allows the balls to roll to their best advantage… ideally accompanied by a caipirinha!

Solestre’lua is a synonym for unadulterated relaxation!

The town

Arriving in Porto Seguro, a lively town situated on the South Bahia coast, 600 kilometres south of Salvador, the capital of Bahia, and 1200 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro, guests travel 25 kilometres north along the so-called Discovery Coast to Santa Cruz de Cabrália, where in 1500 the Portuguese voyager Pedro Álvarez Cabral first set foot on South American soil.

The quietest part of this little fishing town is called Santo André, one of the most picturesque locations in Bahia. *** Santo André can only be reached by quaint tug ferry across the Joâo de Tiba river and is enclosed by the Atlantic Forest, coconut palms and mangroves. Whether for a short stop or with time to linger, here visitors will discover the true meaning of “sossego”, the whispery Portuguese word for “calmness itself”.

World Cup

In 2014, Santo André was in the international media spotlight as the little town which became the home-from-home and training ground of the German national football team during the World Cup championship, hosted by Brazil. An exclusive sports and nature resort named “Campo Bahia”, including a smart bar and restaurant, was created just a few hundred metres down the beach from Sítio Solestre’lua specifically for this purpose. “Catch your dream” was the resort’s epithet, one which the German squad took quite literally when they went on to win the World Cup. It is also synonymous with the quality of life available in southern Bahia. Relaxation for body and soul, combined with local and international culinary delights, make Santo André the place to enjoy a carefree holiday.